Customer service is very important to the Tech Commons Team. The following policies, in addition to the Library’s policies, make it possible for us to maintain a high level of service for the UCSF community. Customers who choose not to follow our policies may be asked to leave, denied service, or charged for damaged equipment. Thank you for reviewing our policies, and for being respectful of our staff and other customers in the Tech Commons computer labs.



After Hours Access – The CL240 and CL230/231 computer labs, eLearning Studio (CL245) and group study rooms (CL241 and 242), are staffed Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. To gain access to these rooms on evenings and weekends, touch your UCSF ID card to the proximity card reader near the outer door. Do not open the door for others who do not have ID card access. For more details, please refer to the Library hours calendar.

Cell Phones – Cell phone calls are not allowed in the Tech Commons computer labs. Please look for Mobile Friendly signs in the Library stairwells, or take it outside!

Cleaning – Help staff maintain a clean working environment by cleaning up after yourself. This includes returning the equipment to the state you found it in, pushing your chair in, properly recycling or disposing of your trash, and cleaning the working surfaces as necessary. Cleaning supplies are provided behind the Help Desk in CL240 in a plastic bin labeled “cleaning supplies.” Staff also perform general cleaning duties on a regular basis.

Food and Drink – Snacks and covered drinks are allowed. Uncovered drinks, food items that are messy, greasy, require utensils or that produce a strong odor are not allowed. Do not eat or drink near keyboards, scanners or other electronic devices. If an accident does happen, please notify staff immediately. If a staff member is not present, please notify the Circulation Desk near the entrance of the Library.

Noise Levels – CL240 is an Active Learning area. Group activities and moderate talking is allowed, without disturbing others in the room. CL230/231 is a Quiet Study area. Talking and socializing is not allowed in CL230/231, it is reserved for intensive, individual study.

Study Rooms – CL241 and CL242 are available to UCSF student groups of 2 or more. Reservations can be made here, for up to 3 hours per day, per group. Please do not alter the settings of the LCD monitor or remove the white boards from the study rooms. As stated in the Library’s no-show policy; rooms not occupied within 15 minutes past the hour may be cancelled by staff and given to another group.


Leaving Workstations Unattended – Do not leave your workstation unattended. Staff cannot be responsible for stolen items or any security breaches to a user’s account as a result, and we cannot “watch” your things while you are gone! If you choose to step away for 5 minutes or less, you must save your work, and then lock the machine. (On a Mac, drag the mouse pointer to the bottom-left corner of the screen to lock the display. On a PC, press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys and click the “Lock this computer” button.) If you must step away for more than 5 minutes, log off the machine and take all of your belongings with you. If you are importing/exporting a video project that requires a significant amount of processing time, please notify the Help Desk or Learning Tech Specialists, and we may be able to help monitor the workstation if you need to step away.

Personal Projects – Our workstations require users to log in with a UCSF Active Directory account, and are not available for use by the general public. They should not be used for personal projects, especially when that prevents others from using the workstations to complete UCSF projects. Staff are not available to assist users with questions related to personal projects.

PHI/HIPAA – The workstations in CL240 and CL230/231 are in an open environment, and your screen is not protected from the view of others. Users who wish to develop videos and other multimedia content that contain protected health information should consider reserving the eLearning Studio (CL-245). Help Desk and Learning Tech Specialists are not responsible for maintaining the privacy of user content.

Priority Use – The Mac workstations in CL240 are optimized for multimedia production, including video editing, scanning, and digitization of analog materials. Multimedia tasks have priority. For general productivity tasks like word processing, email, and viewing lectures, please use the PCs, or any workstation in CL230/231.

Reserving Workstations – To guarantee your time on a workstation, be sure to make a reservation. Each user can reserve up to 4 hours per day at a workstation. If another user is present when you arrive to your reserved workstation, please politely ask them to move to an available workstation. For reference, the reservation calendar will automatically open on the desktop of each workstation when a user logs in.

Saving FilesAll files are deleted from the workstations every night, and cannot be recovered. Always save your files to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or online repository like UCSF Box, before logging off. We also offer external hard drives for loan to those users who are working on multimedia projects.

WalkStations – The treadmill “WalkStations” in CL240 are equipped with PCs and can be reserved in 1 hour increments, for up to 2 hours per day, per person. Do not stand on the platform when you first start it up, as this causes unnecessary wear on the belt and motor.


Check-Out and Return – Equipment may only be checked out by the user who originally made the reservation. All items in the kit will be inventoried and missing items will be noted. Check-outs can only occur during our normal hours of operation, in CL240, by Tech Commons staff. Returns can be dropped off by any user, including colleagues of the user who originally made the reservation. However, the user who originally made the reservation will be held responsible for any items that are damaged or lost.

Damaged/Lost Equipment – Each user is required to sign an agreement form before checking-out equipment. As stated in this agreement, users are responsible for replacing any items that are lost or returned damaged. Items must be delivered to CL240 within 14 days of when they are discovered missing or damaged. Failure to do so will resort in a report being sent to the user’s department or manager, and additional action may be taken as necessary. Make sure that any missing items are noted on the lease agreement form upon check-out, or else you could be held responsible!

Demos and File Transfer Assistance – A basic demonstration of the equipment’s functions can be provided upon request. If you are new to video production and would like a more detailed demonstration, or if you need assistance transferring the recorded data to your external hard drive, please schedule time with our staff prior to arrival.

Late Returns – If you are unable to return equipment by your schedule time, please call us ASAP (476-9426 or 476-4309) so that we can adjust other reservations as necessary. Repeat offenders will be denied service.

Time limits – To ensure that everyone has a chance to use our equipment, the following time limits apply:

  • Video camera kits, lights, microphones and backdrops – 4 days
  • Articulate laptop – 1 week
  • External hard drives – 2 weeks



After Hours Help – Staff are not available on evenings or weekends.

Production Services – Learning Tech Specialists cannot be “hired” to create content or complete projects for you. We simply do not have the staff or the business model to meet those requests. We will help you to find the right tool for the job, however, teach you to use that tool, and support you until the project is complete. If you are looking for traditional for-hire A/V services, we recommend contacting the Education Technology Services department.

Response Time – We strive to respond to all help requests within 24 hours during normal hours of operation. If you have an urgent request, please call (415) 476-9426. Because we are a small team of 3 Specialists that services a large audience (the entire UCSF community), we may ask for your patience during busy periods of time. Complex help requests may take hours, days, or even weeks resolve.

Walk-ins Vs. Scheduled Consultations – If you have a quick question and are in the area, please stop by and say “Hello!” Otherwise, we strongly encourage all users to schedule a consultation with us prior to visiting CL240 for help. If we are in meetings, teaching a Clinic, or already committed to a project, we will not be able to assist you without an appointment. Most consultations are scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes. For extended help sessions, you will be directed to attend one of our all-day Tech Clinics that occur bi-monthly on Fridays. Thank you for respecting our time and for scheduling ahead.