When is moodle.ucsf.edu. going to be shut down?

  • June 30, 2017
  • moodle.ucsf.edu was replaced with a new version of Moodle back in 2012, and has become an archival site. Any remaining active courses need to be migrated. 


I still have a course in moodle.ucsf.edu. What are my options?

  • If you no longer need your course, you don’t need to do anything. 
  • If you wish to migrate the course contents to the CLE, let us know. Contact us at learningtech@ucsf.edu | 415-476-9426 by May 31, 2017.
  • If your space already has an equivalent on the current CLE and you want people to know to go to the newer site, we can put a link on the main page of your old course/space to the new one and hide other pages/content. Contact us to request assistance. 


What can be migrated/cannot be migrated to the CLE?

  • CAN: Static contents (e.g Files, Forums, Assignments, Label, Quizzes etc.)
  • CANNOT: user data (e.g. users, user data such as Forum posts, Grades, Assignment submissions, Quiz responses and grades etc.) *You will need to re-enroll your users once the course has been migrated to the CLE.
  • NOTE: Some activities and resources may not function properly due to the compatibility issues. Some activities/resources may also function differently because of new features. For those that don’t function as desired, there may be other/newer ways of accomplishing these actions in the CLE.


What help can I get from the Learning Tech Group?

  • Migrate old courses to the current CLE upon your request.
  • Clean up the new courses in the CLE and assist you with resolving any incompatibilities.
  • Answer questions about how to use the new CLE, enroll users, etc.
  • Add a note to main page of the old course directing the users to new course and then hide all the other sections/pages.


What is the last date I can send a request for course migration?

  • May 31, 2017


Are the old courses going to be archived somewhere?

  • No. If you have the Instructor or the Category Manager role, you can download a compressed archive of the course as a .zip file, which can be restored within Moodle. Please note that only Category Managers can create backups with user data. Please contact us for more information about this process.