messaging iconThe Messaging tool is located at the top right of the screen and allows instructors, course staff, and students to send private messages to anyone in the CLE. A red alert appears above the Message icon when you receive a new message.

The interface also features a chat window that shows conversation in real-time. Within chat, you can search for other users by name, course, or keywords from past conversations. Adjust your preferences to choose whether you are notified via email or through direct mobile notifications.

Review Messages

Reveiw Messages IconNew messages are highlighted with a number in the messaging menu at the top of the screen. There are several settings available to help you review your messages:

  1. Display new messages or send a new message.
  2. Mark all messages as read.
  3. Go to your messaging preferences page.
  4. See all your messages.

Sending Messages

Messages may be sent from a number of locations:

  1. Click New Message from the Message menu as in the screenshot above and search for a user or course;
  2. Click the Messages icon in the user menu;
  3. Click on a user’s name or picture in a course, for example from the Participants link or in a forum thread.

Note: When sending messages, the size of the message box will increase as the message lengthens. Note that to start a new line, you need to press Shift + Enter. (Pressing Enter alone will send the message, which you may not want.)

Adding and messaging contacts

To add a contact, click their name or pictureAdd Contacts.

  1. Click the + sign to add them to your contacts.
  2. Click the Message icon to message them directly.

Contacts may be accessed from the Contacts link and then either messaged, blocked or removed.

Deleting messages

Messages may be deleted by clicking the Edit link (1 below), selecting a message or messages to delete and then clicking the Delete button under the messages (2).

delete messages

Note: that messages are only deleted for that particular user, not others involved in the conversation.

Message preferences

The preferences page allows you to configure how you are notified of new messages when you are online, offline.

There is also an option click a box to prevent non-contacts from messaging you. Access the preferences page by clicking the gear icon in the messaging menu.

message preferences






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