Media@UCSF Plug-In

MyMedia pageMedia@UCSF is an online video hosting platform powered by the application called Kaltura. It provides the UCSF community with a centralized system for managing and distributing digital video content. Media@UCSF is fully integrated into the CLE, providing instructors and students with tools to create and share videos in a course.

The Media@UCSF plug-in optimizes media for streaming playback to viewers of various browsers and connection speeds, and is the recommended method for distributing media in the CLE.

Potential uses include:

  • Recording and sharing a course welcome video
  • Collecting video assignments from students
  • Providing students with a way to share videos with their classmates
  • Recording and sharing a screencast of a web page or application

To learn more, please review the downloadable handouts provided on each tab of this article.

What is Media@UCSF?

Upload MediaThere are many ways to share Media@UCSF videos in a CLE course, but the upload process is virtually the same no matter how the videos are displayed to course participants. Media can be uploaded directly onto a course home page, into a forum, a quiz, and more. Media can also be uploaded to one’s My Media repository for sharing later.

Media@UCSF accepts all common video formats including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI… and even MP3 audio files or images!

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Uploading media

Media Resource SharingThere are three basic methods for sharing media in a CLE course using Media@UCSF. This includes (a) the Media Resource, (b) the Embed Media button, which is available on the HTML toolbar from within many resources and activities in a course, and (c) the Media Gallery (see the Media Gallery tab). Which method you choose will depend on how you want course participants to discover and interact with that media.

For example, if you want the media to appear right on the course home page, you would use a Label and the Embed Media button, but if you want to display the video on a separate page, you may choose the Media Resource option. Each media file can also be shared multiple times across multiple courses!

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Sharing media

Media AssignmentMedia@UCSF includes a new activity that can be added to any course, called the Media Assignment. Using the Media Assignment activity, instructors can require that student submissions be in the form of a media file. Just like in the standard Assignment activity, instructors can score the student submissions, provide feedback, and then those scores will appear in the course gradebook.

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Media Assignment

Media Gallery in navigation blockThe Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content for a specific course. The Media Gallery is different from other methods of adding media to a course, like the Media Assignment or Media Resource, because (a) its media is presented as a separate repository, and not within the center column of the course, and (b) students are able to add media to the repository and share it with the class.

The Media Gallery is easy to access by all members of a course, making it a great place to quickly post media for discussion, or to facilitate student collaboration.

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Media Gallery

In February of 2018, the webcam recording feature was replaced by CaptureSpace Lite, which provides webcam recording functionality as well as screen recording and basic editing tools. For more information, please refer our full help document on CaptureSpace Lite!