Course Settings

image of Administation block and edit settings linkCourse settings such as the course name, the course category, whether the course is available to students, the course summary and other course level settings are located on the Edit Settings page. The settings that you are able to configure depends on the your role in the course.

Certain settings, such as the name and assigned category for the course, can only be edited by the Category Manager.

Resources: Click the appropriate tabs above to learn more about configuring CLE course settings.

To access the CLE course settings, locate the Administration block in the course and click the Edit Settings link.

CLE Course Settings are organized in the following sections:

  • General: Course name, Course start/end date, category, availability to student, etc.
  • Description: Information displayed when searching for a course in the CLE
  • Course Format: How the course is organized and displays to students
  • Appearance: Language preferences and configure what students see in the course
  • Files and Uploads: Set maximum upload size for course
  • Completion Tracking: Turn completion tracking on at the course level to apply activity completion to activities and resources in the course
  • Groups: Set a default Group Mode for all activities
  • Role Renaming: Change the role names in a course

Want to see all the sections on the Edit Setting page expanded so you do not miss something? Click the Expand All link in the top-right of the Edit Settings page to quickly expand all sections.

See below for more information on each course setting:



image of description section

Course Format

image of course format


image of appearance section

Files and Uploads

image of file upload setting

Completion Tracking

image of completion tracking



image of groups settings

Role Renaming

image of role renaming settings

image of save changes button

Watch the video below to see how to add edit CLE course Settings: