Azden Wireless Microphone

Azden mic kitThe Library Tech Commons offers a collection of audio/visual hardware for a variety of video production needs. Equipment can be checked out by UCSF faculty, staff and students.

The Azden 330 Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone kit offers two wireless lavaliere microphones that transmit to a single receiver. This allows you to capture the audio from two subjects at once with a single camera or recording device.

Use cases for this device include:

  • Capture audio from both the interviewer and interviewee in an on-camera video interview.
  • Record a conversation between two people from a distance.
  • Record the audio from multiple presenters and allow them to walk around the room freely.

Pairs with: Canon Vixia camera kit, Zoom H2n.

Batteries required: Six AA batteries (not included) if using both mics, four batteries if using just one mic.

For more information, review the Azden Handout, which provides details about the contents of the Azden mic kit, and demonstrates each of the device’s functions:

Azden Handout

To operate the Azden devices, follow these basics steps.

Receiver set up:

Azden and Canon Vixia

  1. Install AA batteries into each of the two transmitters and the receiver. You will need a total of six AA batteries to power both mics and the receiver. Tech Commons staff do not provide AA batteries.
  2. If you are connecting to a Canon Vixia camera, install the Pearstone adapter (included in camera kit) onto the camera’s shoe adapter, and then connect the receiver’s mount to the Pearstone adapter. Secure both snugly by rotating their dials to the right, but do not over-tighten.
  3. Connect one end of the 3.5mm audio cable to the MIC OUT port on the Azden receiver, and the other end to the MIC port on the Vixia camera.
  4. Flip the channel one and two switches to the ON position. If you are only using one mic, only flip on that mic’s corresponding switch.

Transmitters set up:

  1. Connect the lavaliere microphone cable to the MIC port on the transmitter.
  2. Clip the transmitter pack to your subject’s belt, or place it in a jacket pocket.
  3. Clip the mic to your subject’s shirt. If possible, thread the cable under their shirt for a more clean and professional look.
  4. Turn both the AUDIO and POWER switches ON.

Full details of these steps and more are provided in the handout:

Azden Handout

These additional notes will help you use the microphones smarter and avoid common pitfalls.

  • No audio – Make sure the AUDIO switch on the transmitter is set to ON and not ST.BY. This is the stand by mode, and equivalent to a mute button!
  • Interference – Still no audio, or getting interference? Download the handout provided below, and review the Additional functions section for information about adjusting audio levels and frequency channels.
  • Mic placement – Position the microphones between 4″ and 10″ from your subject’s mouth, centered on their body relative to the direction they are facing, and remove any outer layers or necklaces that could bump the mic during recording.
  • Concealing cables – To watch a video about how the pros loop and conceal mics in a subject’s clothes, click here.
  • Range – The wireless range of the mics is over 100 feet, but obstacles (trees, cars or walls) can reduce that range significantly, or even block the signal completely.
  • Antennae positioning – For the best reception, move the receiver’s antennas to an upward / vertical position.

Note about stereo vs mono: This kit is designed to accept two audio sources simultaneously. Unfortunately, this means you will only hear audio from channel 1 on the left, and audio from channel 2 on the right. The Canon Vixia and the Azden receiver do not have options to force these signals to both channels, so it must be done in post-production using video editing software. Using Final Cut Pro, you can adjust the audio track to “dual mono.” iMovie does not have this functionality. Contact us if you would like assistance with this process.

More tips are also provided in the handout:

Azden Handout

The maximum loan time for this device is 4 days. We are available Monday – Friday, from 8:30am to 6pm, in CL240 of the Parnassus Library. Equipment can only be used for UCSF related activities, by UCSF students, staff and faculty.

The approximate value of this kit is $750. If anything is lost or damaged during your loan, you are responsible for replacing those items.

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